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The Power of Liminal Time

A 13 step guide to anchor and support you when someone you love, dies

The Power of Liminal Time™ is a concept developed by Isabel Russo and Fran Hall following over 50 years of collective experience working in the fields of dying, death and ceremony. For the last seven years, Fran and Isabel have worked together on the highly regarded Good Funeral Guide. You can learn more about us here.


Our concept identifies the key time between a death occurring and the funeral ceremony having taken place, as ‘liminal’ time. It is a time of transition. A time between chapters. In England the average duration between a death occurring and the funeral taking place is three weeks.

In our experience these three weeks demand a huge amount from us, practically and emotionally. We are expected to deal with death admin, shifting family relationships, time sensitive decisions, funeral design and organisation, and much, much more. And all of this whilst dealing with the rest of our lives, and trying to manage the physical, mental and emotional shock of the loss of someone we love. What could be one of the most profound experiences of our lives, can instead be entirely overwhelming.

The Power of Liminal Time 13 step model is a response to these challenges, and also highlights the opportunities, often overlooked, that we believe this time holds. A deceptively simple step by step guide that takes you through this three week time frame, it offers both practical and emotional guidance and support. It is a model that illuminates, informs, and supports you and your choices, every step of the way.

"...they have crystallised really essential practices into a very accessible format

that will really change people's experiences of loss..." A G Derwen

This learning could change everything for you.






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