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Reflections from workshop participants

"I thought you both facilitated it beautifully. It was a calm and caring and thoughtful space (both physically and emotionally) to explore one of the most exposing and scary ideas - the death of someone you love. It was handled with real humanity and professionalism (in a good way). I trusted that you knew what you're doing and that you would keep us all safe. Thank you." 


"My friend recommended this workshop to me and I loved it. The atmosphere, the company, the experiences, the stories. I used the model with my beloved man and would definitely recommend this workshop to others."  


"This was a valuable opportunity to encounter the topic of death through an experience other than in a state of illness or approaching death. I was struck by the authenticity of the whole group, the genuineness, and the valuable insights from experience. The structure of the individual phases is really helpful - and also the awareness of wider contexts. This model can be applied to all "types" of death - including in the process of self development."  


"I chose this workshop because of bad experience with funerals. I really enjoyed hearing everybody else's experiences and it helped sharing my own. In fact it really helped me because I came away feeling that the dying process could be safe and natural - and that the last goodbyes can be too."   


"As a participant I’ll say it was just wonderful - Fran and Isabel’s years of experience and skill was reflected in their humility in allowing others to share their own knowledge - the room was full of wisdom. A really high calibre experienced group. The process was “meta” by which I mean there was the content as it was presented and a meta process sat behind it which was a felt experience of the liminal time around death. It was a really safe space - the group particularly on day 2 were in Love with each other - it was a deep process that didn’t feel traumatic but still edgy for some but never too much. I learned loads!"   


“The main takeaway for me was actually quite profound in its simplicity which is that, even after years of doing this work, I hadn’t quite grasped how the time around the death until the funeral could be a ‘liminal’ time for an individual or a family. It sounds so obvious now talking about it. I’ve started straightaway to mention it to families though I’ve not felt brave enough to use the word ‘liminal’, instead just talking about the time being special, and why that might be.”

Jane (funeral director)

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