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About The Power of Liminal Time

How the time after a death has occurred is managed can have a huge effect on the well-being of those most affected - both in the short term and further into the future. Yet we are often in a state of shock and overwhelm, instantly pulled in countless directions, with very little to anchor ourselves or to give us the confidence that we are doing the 'right' thing. 


The Power of Liminal Time 13 step model is designed to give you the insight and confidence you need to manage this profound time, practically and emotionally,  to the very best of your ability.  Supported by each step's innate wisdom and common sense, you will be better prepared to approach the death of someone you love, and all that requires of you, practically and emotionally.


Some of the key areas the model offers support with include

- approaching important conversations before death

- the short (or longer) term care of the body

- the essential paperwork for a funeral to take place

- the engagement with bereaved family and friends 

- the practical and emotional decisions required in the lead up to the funeral 

- the creation and delivery of a meaningful ceremony 

- the first steps of adjustment to a new chapter. 

Each of the 13 steps is illuminated with a mixture of workshop techniques including circle discussion, work in smaller groups, time for written reflection and other bespoke exercises. 

"..The Power of Liminal Time is an illuminating guide - drawing on decades of experience, tapping into time honoured wisdom, and full of practical advice..."

The Power of Liminal Time teaching is available as an experiential workshop, or as one-to-one learning in personal sessions. It provides a unique toolkit for coping during these challenging times and is ideal for anyone facing the prospect of loss, working in end-of-life care, or interested in a holistic view of life and death. 

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a workshop, or in one to one learning,  please contact us

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